Survivors: 6 Months by Sebastian Szyszka

"Parenting is the greatest..." - Every parent ever.

Anyone willing to trash their house for a silly photo idea is good in my book.

Laura and Avi asked me to shoot their daughter’s 6-month portrait. Luckily they were totally accepting of taking it in a different direction.

The dog loved it, for sure. We went through quite a bit of peanut butter to keep her in the right spot…

Almost Too Much Vintage by Sebastian Szyszka

Jeff and his 1967 Shoveled inside his dad's (still operating as a car shop) 1920's gas station.

That is Jeff. He's sitting on his custom 1967 Shovelhead. Inside his dad's 1920's gas station.

We've been talking about shooting him and his bike for almost a year. He always wanted to do a couple of shots in his dad's shop, but that was always going to be secondary to other shots. Until he sent me photos of the place. It would take a set stylist months to create this look. And it's just sitting there. Looking unbelievably awesome. All. The. Time.

I had the fortune of walking into it, setting up a couple of lights and taking a photo. All while trying to capture the layers of texture and history and story. My only regret was that Jeff's father wasn't there. Would have loved to get him in there for a frame or two.

Jeff Gilles: Instagram

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