I make pictures.

Beyond that, I start to struggle with describing myself. I don't see much distinction between CGI and Photography. They're both cameras, lenses and composition, one's just virtual. And I have no qualms about retouching to the point of illustration, but at the same time my journalism background allows me to appreciate leaving imperfections in a shot simply because "that's how it was."

It all comes down to intent. Every image takes its own path, I just adjust what I do to get it there.


Lürzer’s Archive Top 200 Digital Artists Worldwide 2019/2020
Graphis Advertising Annual 2019 - Gold Award
Communication Arts Advertising Annual 2016 - Award of Excellence


Oral-B • Nike • Firestone • Bayer • Miller Coors • Olay
Citibank • Samsung • Takeda Pharmaceuticals • U.S. Navy


MODO • Cinema 4D • V-Ray • ZBrush
Photoshop • Illustrator