C4D Net Render Error - Empty projects / by Sebastian Szyszka

Symptom: every time you set up a project using Net Render it creates a new empty project named after the user and throws an error. No frames are rendered. 

Cause: every time this has happened to me, it was due to a corrupted server.ini file. The syntax requires a user to have a user name, passwords are optional. This seems to happen when the ini file has user blocks with no username defined. 


  • Shut down Net Render Server
  • locate your server.ini file
  • Make sure any user blocks have usernames defined. 
  • Probably a good idea to go over it and make sure everything else appears as it does in a known good file. 
  • Start the server and run a test project.
  • If it’s fixed, back up your now known-good server.ini and keep it in a quickly accessible place.


  • Windows XP: c:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Applicaton Data\MAXON\NET Render R11_[version]\serverprefs
  • Windows Vista: c:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\App Data\Roaming\NET Render R11_[version]\serverprefs
  • Macintosh: Macintosh HD/User/[user name]/Library/Prefrerences/MAXON/NET Render R11_[version]/serverprefs

User block examples:


name = name
password = password
info =
priority = 100


name =
password = 
info = 
priority = 100

That’s all I got. If I made an error, or there’s more important info that should be shared, just contact me.